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சேஷனே “சிற்றம்பலம்” என உணரவைத்த சேஷன் திருவடி போற்றி

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

சேஷனே “சிற்றம்பலம்” என உணரவைத்த சேஷன் திருவடிப்போற்றி

Seshane “Chitrambalam”

ena uNara vaittha

Seshan Thiruvadi Potri!

Glory be to the Divine Feet of Lord Sesha,

Who dawns upon us,

as the Dancing Lord of Thillai! (Chidamabaram)

ARUDRA DARSHANAM” (The Darshan of Lord Nataraja)

(Mahaan’s Blessings – Vaishnavi)

“பூதங்கள் ஐந்தாகிப்
புலனாகிப் பொருளாகிப்
பேதங்கள் அனைத்துமாய்ப்
பேதமிலாப் பெருமையனைக்
கேதங்கள் கெடுத்தாண்ட
கிளரொளியை மரகதத்தை
வேதங்கள் தொழுதேத்தும்
விளங்குதில்லை கண்டேனே!”  

– மாணிக்கவாசகர் (திருவாசகம் – “கண்ட பத்து“, Verse 10)

He became the five elements,
the senses and all else.
He, the great One who is never different,
animates The differences in all things.
He did away with my miseries And rules me.
He is the Consort of Her who blazes like Emerald.
I beheld Him in resplendent Tillai Where the four Vedas adore and hail Him.

The auspicious day of ‘Arudra Darshanam’ holds a special significance in my life.

I wish to narrate two experiences of Mahaan’s Grace upon me.

The first, happened on the eve of the Karthikai Deepam festival, 2010.

In 2010, my 5 year old son was enrolled in an activity centre in Bangalore. On the morning of 19th. November, 2010, at 11:30 a.m., there was to be a social meet between the staff and the parents of the centre. An informal discussion forum, under the heading, “Acceptance is a way of life” was proposed. I too was asked to participate.

My son’s health issues, and some domestic problems did not motivate me to attend. Till the morning, although I had firmly decided not to go, circumstances took such a turn that I was forced to attend it.

After I reached, I found myself at a ‘Garage Sale’ happening at the venue. Before the event commenced, I was interestedly looking at all the curios. I saw a set of brass lamps that were priced at Rs. 20/- They looked extremely beautiful and simple. I purchased them. (I had been in fact, long wishing for a pair of new lamps for ‘Karthikai Deepam’ that month.) When I saw myself buying the lamps, I strangely felt a thrill of joy!

My Karthikai Deepam!

Soon, my eyes fell on a small brass idol of Lord Nataraja. That too was priced at Rs. 20/- I was amazed at the fact, that there could be an idol of Lord Shiva to be bought!! And amazingly, there was only one such idol! Before I could buy it, the event commenced and I was ushered inside, hurriedly.

Lord Nataraja

The talk commenced and continued, and my heart was only on the idol that I missed. Then, suddenly there was a strong fragrance slowly and gradually develop ing around us. There were fragrances of camphor, sandal and incense. They lingered for a long while. The feeling reminded me of being in a temple! It was intoxicating!

Although the talk was still on, I regretted not being able to buy the idol of Lord Nataraja, and I dearly wished the programme to get over so that I could rush to buy it!

When finally the event concluded, I rushed back to the sale, I saw my dear Lord still there, as if waiting for me! I was overwhelmed and overjoyed!

To add to my amazement and joy, I also found a single idol of Devi Sri Kamakshi! I was truly stunned into amazement this time, and I couldn’t contain my happiness!

Devi Sri Kamakshi Amman

Quickly, I bought all of them, and very soon I was homeward bound, with my precious idols and the lamps!!

The next day was the day of the Karthikai MahaDeepam, and the day was an auspicious and special one for me, – when Devi Sri Kamakshi and Lord Nataraja blessed my home on this beautiful day!!

When I think back on this whole happening, I feel it was Sesha Mahaan’s Divine Will in sending me there to bring home the Lord and His Consort, along with the new auspicious lamps.

For this extremely joyous and fulfilling blessing in my life, I express my Anantha Koti Namaskaarams to my Beloved Guru Sathguru Sri Rajalinga Swamigal, and to my Mahaan Seshanatha!

THE WORD OF GOD” (The Lord talks to His child..)

(Mahaan’s Instructions – Harsha, Vaishnavi)

சேஷனும் பக்தர்களும்” verse: 11 (14th. August, 2009 – 10 a.m.)

நினைத்ததும் நீ வந்தாய் அய்யனே!
நினைக்காமலும் நீ வந்தாய்நறுமணத்தாலே,
என் நல்ல இல்லத்தில்ஐய்யனே!
நல்லதையே நான் நினைக்கும்போது
நீ நறுமணத்தாலே வந்து
உன்னைநினைக்க வைக்கிறாய்ஐய்யனே!
நீயும் நானும் ஒன்றா?

நீயோ நடராஜன்
நானோ நீ நடத்தும் நாடகத்தில்
நல்ல நடிகன்/நடிகை என்று
மாந்தர் நினைத்திட
அருள் புரிய வேண்டும்

In agony,

You Graced me the warmth of Your Golden Hands…O Lord!

 In joy,

You Blessed my smile with sunshine…O Lord!

Little did i realize, You were my warmth!

Little did i realize, You were my joy!

…and yet there were those forsaken times,

when the wild mind wandered far away,


You drew me home,

like a lost one to its nest….

Oh, what of my fickle love, O Lord!

…Yet, You did persist with me,

O Beautiful One!

through sacred chants and holy smoke…

through frankincense…

and the fragrance of the night blossoms,

…and brought me back,

to those Divine enchantments,

once long forgotten!

O Ambrosial One!

How You do infuse Your fragrance

into my thoughts

and render them sublime!

O Well-Beloved!

Are we One, as yet?

O Lord of the Cosmic Dance!

Your eternal slave…

May i sing Thy Glory,

and dance to Your beautiful designs…

Grace me that i bring glory upon my clan,

and treasure Thy Lovely Name

in the recesses of my heart…

The second instance of SeshaNatha, Thillai ChidambaraNatha’s Grace:

…Nearly half a year after the first miracle, on the 28th. of June, 2011, my dear child was involved in some sweet play. Amidst his play, He suddenly uttered 2 beautiful words, that rang joy in my heart, that i would cherish for all my living years….

Those were the golden words of Mahaan…He said to me:

திருவாசகம் நேசி!” (“Love the Thiruvaasagam!”)

Glory unto the Divine Feet of my Beloved Guruji!

Glory unto the Divine Feet of Dear Swami Sesha!!

What beautiful words! What Divine Ordinance! Ever since, “Thiruvaasagam” holds a sweet special place in my heart…

Harsha, Vaishnavi,

7th. January, 2012



சூக்ஷ்மத்தில் வந்து சூன்யம் நீக்கும் சேஷன் திருவடிப்போற்றி!

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

சூக்ஷ்மத்தில் வந்து சூன்யம் நீக்கும் சேஷன் திருவடிப்போற்றி!

Sookshmaththil vanthu Soonyam Neekkum

Seshan Thiruvadi Potri!

Glory be to the Divine Feet of Lord Sesha,

Who wipes out

the malefic effects of sorcery!


(Mahaan’s Verse as a Shield against malefic effects

Sesha Bhakthas – Shri. Seetharaman, Smt. Mariammal)

Shri. Seetharan and his wife, Smt. Mariammal had been devout Sesha Bhakthas, and disciples of our Poojya Swamiji, for years.

On the evening of 9th. June, 2011, Shri. Seetharaman had been reciting “Seshan Thiruvadi Potri” at his home. Suddenly, his wife, Smt. Mariammal complained to him of body pain and burning sensation all over, asked him to stop reciting Mahaan’s verses.

Mariammal looked and behaved as if she were possessed.

He found his wife’s behaviour very strange and continued to complete the recitation. Much to his concern, his wife assumed a fearful form. Very worried, he then started to chant Mahaan’s Moola mantra.

By then, his wife’s discomfort increased manifold, and she threatened him not to chant Mahaan’s mantram. But he continued to do so, in all vigour. All of a sudden, overwrought by the evil force within, she slapped him and pushed him down.

Terror-stricken, and distraught, Shri. Seetharaman sought refuge at the Feet of our All-Powerful and Merciful Mahaan.

With devotion and total faith, he then incessantly chanted Mahaan’s invincible mantra, for the next few days. He also performed an ‘Annadaanam’ for about a hundred people. He also sincerely visited our Mahaan’s Shrine, and lit the holy lamp, as an offering, morning and evening.

Within a matter of 2 days, his wife Smt. Mariammal returned to normalcy.

Later it was learnt, that Smt. Mariammal was possessed by an evil spirit, when she had recently visited her hometown.

It was Shri. Seetharaman’s extreme devotedness, and Mahaan’s Supreme Grace, that could solve a problem of such proportions!

Mahaan’s Moola Mantra is a Supremely protective shield that is capable of wiping out any negative force on earth!

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

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