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அண்டியவருக்கு அபயம் அளித்திடும் சேஷன் திருவடிப்போற்றி!

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

அண்டியவருக்கு அபயம் அளித்திடும் சேஷன் திருவடிப்போற்றி!


aBhayam aLitthiDum

Seshan Thiruvadi Potri!

Glory be to the Divine Feet of Lord Sesha,

Who bestows Fearlessness,

on His dependent ones!


(Mahaan, my Boon of Strength- Shri.M.G.Sadasivam, Srirangam)

New Delhi. June 2013.

Last week I had been to my Master Health Checkup at Delhi. The cardiologist suspected some block to the tune of 80% in my cardiac system and asked me to immediately get an Angiography done, for confirmation.

I was in absolute shock and panic.

I had been praying to our Dear Mahaan, the Supreme Doctor, and got myself admitted for the Angiography. Test. While entering the operation theatre,

I felt an inner voice tell me:

போடா! ஒன்றும் இல்லை!”

(a rough translation – “Oh Come on! There’s nothing of that sort!”)

Mahaan was right, and the cardiologist was wrong!

After the Angiography, much to the astonishment of the cardiologist, there was no block! The doctor told me, “There is no blockage in your heart! You have been a diabetic for the last 25 years, but your Angiography report is clear! You are a very lucky person!”

I was just wondering at Mahaan’s life-saving miracle!

It was only Guruji and Mahaan’s Grace that cured me of this serious health-issue!

My million million thanks to our Dear Guruji and Mahaan, our Supreme Doctors…

With Warm Namaskaarams,

SriRangam M.G.Sadasivam

June 2013


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