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என்னில் நீயும் உன்னில் நானும், என உணர வைத்த “உத்தமசீலன்” சேஷன் திருவடிப்போற்றி!

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

என்னில் நீயும் உன்னில் நானும், என உணர வைத்த

உத்தமசீலன்சேஷன் திருவடிப்போற்றி!

‘Ennil Neeyum, Unnil Naanum’ ena uNara vaittha

utthama Sheelan” Seshan Thiruvadi Potri!

Glory be to the Divine Feet of Lord Sesha, the Immaculate One,

who realizes me in Him,… Himself in me!


(Mahaan’s words to His Bhaktha, Shri. Shankar)

Me and my friend Vishal, occasionally go for meditation together in the terrace, at mid-night under the open night sky.

A few weeks back, under the bright moonlight, amidst the cool breeze, me and Vishal started to meditate on Mahan.

I was almost 20 minutes into it, when I suddenly felt a voice within me calling me by my Name. I felt our Venerable Guruji called out my name in His sweet nectarine voice….

With closed eyes, I gazed at the sky when I saw the beautiful, glowing face of Mahaan with a glow of a thousand Suns!

This was mesmerizing! Never did I witness anything like this before!

Tears rolled down my cheeks, when I said to Mahaan: “THIS IS THE MOMENT I WAS WAITING FOR, my SWAMI!”

I felt Mahaan’s reply to me: “WHY SEARCH ME OUTSIDE, WHEN I’M WITHIN YOU!”

This surely was a re-assuring factor for me that everything is good and everything will be good in life when MAHAAN is with us in every possible form!


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