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குருவாய் வந்த “குருவாயூரப்பன்” சேஷன் திருவடி போற்றி!

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

குருவாய் வந்த


சேஷன் திருவடி போற்றி!

Guruvaay vantha


Seshan Thiruvadi Potri!

Glory be to the Divine Feet of Lord Sesha,

Who appears as the Guru,

in the form of Lord Guruvayoorappan!


(The Lord beckons us to Guruvayoor – Vaishnavi, Chennai)

On the morning of 5th. February, 2012, I awoke from a dream.

I saw three elephants being bathed inside a temple premise. Soon, I saw a clear brilliant image of Lord Sri Guruvayoorappan, with the unique beautiful flower arrangement around Him. And most amazingly, when I saw the Lord’s Divine Countenance, I saw the visage of Young Sesha Mahaan! Sesha Mahaan granted me His Darshan as the Lord of Guruvayoor. He was resplendant and enchanting!

Just as I was rousing from this state, I heard Harsha wake up with the words, – “I want to go to Guruvayoor, and meet the three elephants – “Keshavan”, “Madhavan”, and “UnniKannan!”

I was stunned! When I thought of the three elephants in my dream, and Harsha’s remark, I was amazed beyond words. Probably, Harsha too had been blessed with a similar dream, by Sesha Mahaan. I did not know!

Then, two days later, Harsha suddenly remarked that he wanted to go to “Guruvaoorappan”, and I was amazed! This was a beautiful miracle of Sesha Mahaan!

We decided it was the calling of our Lord to Guruvayoor, and we immediately booked our tickets.

Between 7th. April and 10th. April, 2012, we were in Guruvayoor, and Harsha and us had a hearty fulfilling Darshan of our Beautiful and Beloved Sesha Kanna!

My devoted, love-filled Namaskaarams

to my Beloved and Beautiful Parameshti Guru,

Avathar and Mahaan Sri Seshadri Swamigal

for His Boundless Grace….

Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae

“Narayana Narayana Hara Shambho”

Thank You.

Warm Regards,



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