Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae



I feel very privileged to share this video of ”Seshan Tiruvadi Potri” chanting during Mahaan’s Aradhanai in the month of August last year. The preparation of this video took some time and required a lot of patience which I would say was gifted by Mahan to me. The idea itself ignited in a fraction of a second. I never thought about it but just made it somehow with HIS blessings. When I concentrate and listen to it, I feel that vibration flowing inside me. Everybody chanting in chorus made the difference and made it sound more and more vibrant. 

I had read that our Guruji had spent much of his valuable time in writing and gifting this wonderful masterpiece for the welfare of His Shishyas and Mahaan’s Bhakthas. I had put them all together in one video and would like to share them with our Bhakta Samaajam. Below are links, broken down into 3 parts.




Thank You…

Shri. Shankar

21st. January, 2012



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