Om Sathguru Sri Seshadri Swamigal Thiruvadikkae


நீல ஒளியினை

குளிர்ச்சியாய் தந்திடும்

சேஷன் திருவடிப்போற்றி!


‘neela oLiyinai’

kuLiRciyAy thanthiDum

Seshan Thiruvadi Potri!

Glory be to the Divine Feet of Lord Sesha,

Who pleasurably blesses one,

with His Divine Blue Sublime Form

in the Highest Form of Meditation!

MAHAAN – DIVINE FORMLESS” (The Blue Ray of Light)

(Mahaan – “The Divine Formless!” – Smt. Mythily)


18th. April, 2012, Canada

One early morning I had the following dream. I was praying to Mahaan, and suddenly inside the picture His hands started to move. I grew confused and I looked at the picture again and again to make sure if I was seeing it right.

Then it seemed like the peedam on which we have His picture started to open up and I saw a blue color light coming up from it very very slowly……So I got anxious to see what was emerging from that peedam…….since I felt like I saw only the beam of light, but not its source!

I grew anxious to see the source…..and then Mahaan told me “Wait patiently, and you will see the source!”

I then awoke from my dream. After a few days I looked at Mahaan’s picture and
noticed a straight blue ray of light on the side of the picture. This is the exact colour I saw in my dream!

I’m not sure when this started showing up on the picture…..may be I only noticed it now. I’m not quite sure what this could signify, but it I’m sure it augurs well!

These days I find, just witnessing the way Mahaan constructs situations and things around us, is an amazing experience! Many a time I have noticed that when something happens I never understand the full depth of it,  but only later I figure out how beautifully Mahaan makes things happen!

The beauty of it is that, – even this understanding is also only partial in terms of the actual depth of it!!!!

Just thinking about his Love and guidance makes me melt……beyond words.


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